Uses of Medical Plants Mentioned in Quran and Hadith

Islam is the most comprehensive religion, which presents the elasticity to respond new technologies and a complete way for living. In Islam, ethical teachings of biomedical ethics are linked with Holy Quran and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). 

Medicinal plants and their uses enlisted in Holy Quran. Approximately; 14 Plant species belongs to different families were reported, having distinctive medicinal properties, chemical constitutions and their distribution pattern in the world. 

This study described a wide range of plants mentioned in the Holy Quran and Hadith to symbolize holy plants such as fig, olive, date palm, and pomegranate or aroma plant such as zinger, basil and nutritious plant such as onion and garlic. Centuries ago, Quran has mentioned the beneficial properties of many food stuffs, and today scientists have found a part of them through many studies, it helps to realize the greatness of Allah. 

It is concluded that herbal medicines are being widely used in the world because of better cultural accept ability, least injurious with none or much reduced side effects.

– Message from C.E.O