Sales and Marketing

Salbion Health Sciences (Pvt.) Ltd. has one of the largest marketing and sales team in the country under the observation of Mr. Rashid Rasheed Chohan (Head of Sales and Marketing World wide).

Our highly skilled marketing and sales team makes continuous efforts to enhance the knowledge of Alternative Medicine profession. SALBION has established firm grounds in achieving growth in which it operates.

Business Scope

Salbion Health Sciences is one of the leading Neutra & Herbal companies of Pakistan. Since its inception, Salbion Health Sciences has mainly promoted research based products. Company’s innovative marketing strategies together with its strong marketing base have helped our products to be significantly positioned in their respective areas.

Salbion Health Sciences has attained this prestigious position through continuous focus on human resource development, close team work, innovative marketing skills and modern production facilities. Collaboration with research based world renowned multinational companies demonstrates Salbion Health Sciences commitment to bring innovative and quality health products in Pakistan & Foreign. We are today recognized as one of the largest companies in areas of market products under licensed from various world-renowned research based.

Sales Achievement

Our sales team achieved Net Sales of 32, 000, 0000 of milestone in year 2020 in which the contribution of Exports is 19,000,0000 and nationwide contribution 13,000,0000 and they are working on the crystal clear mission to the next year 2021.

Future Target of Our Sales Team

  1. Increased sales by 4, 000, 0000 per month by employing modern selling techniques derived from in-house sales training programs.
  2. Served 300+ customers in one shift during a sales campaign and cultivated 90% of them into actual buyers
  3. Decreased the shelf audit time by 30% by suggesting day-to-day mini audits to ensure product availability and placement.
  4. Led the ABC Sales Project for three months and met set objectives by 100%.
  5. Established a standardized sales reporting system that decreased discrepancies by 60%.
  6. Increased territory client base by 50% by being actively involved in marketing and sales promotions.
  7. Trained and developed a team of sales representatives to be deployed in company franchises over 6 states.
  8. Improved product movement between warehouse and retail outlet, thereby decreasing the weekly movement time from 10 hours to 6 hours.
  9. Introduced online and social media selling techniques, increasing the company’s profits by 42%.